I know the sport because I practise it
Daria Zandomeneghi
Founder and Director
Scientific Translations - More than 10 years of research in the field of Earth Sciences and Volcanology taught me how, even in science, the message content is easily conditioned by the form it is communicated with.
After completing my University Degree  in Italy and a PhD in Spain, both in Earth Sciences, I continued my scientific career first of all in the USA as scientific assistant at New Mexico Tech, later on In Italy with a long stay as UNESCO Visiting Scientist and finally in Savoy (France).
In this context I started to help my colleagues by translating and proofreading scientific documents, and I could appreciate the importance of the proper use of languages in research, science communication and capacity building. Since 2012, I have been collaborating as an independent contractor with two American companies for the review of scientific manuscripts.
Sport Translations – My strong passion for outdoor activities not only has conditioned a number of personal choices during my life - months, years, spent in the Tenerife, in the countryside of Tuscany, in the boundless spaces of New Mexico - but is has also strengthened my language mastery of English and Spanish with specific regard to open-air activities and sport. The exposure to the professional world of cycling, the personal  and  professional contact with athletes, race organisers, experts and providers of outdoor activities enhanced my technical knowledge and my language control of Italian, English and Spanish specifically for the sport industry: mountain biking, road cycling, trekking, mountaineering, climbing, skiing, snowboarding.
But, mostly, I know the jargon of a number of sports because I practise - or I have been practising them. A life-long passion and a real interest for the technical aspects supported, and possibly triggered,  by my scientific background allowed me to understand and learn the technical aspects that come into play. Such knowledge, combined with the understanding of their social value from a recreational and participation perspective, allows me to transfer and share that technical/specialist content to the wider public. From mountaineering equipment specifications, to mountain-biking techniques and snowboard tricks: you can only talk to the right public - and be understood - if you use the right language.